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蓝冰01 2013-10-28 10:49
您好,我是猎头,目前在帮国内知名无人机生产商寻fpga工程师一职,想跟 您介绍下,希望能跟您取得联系,您可以加我QQ903242750,或者私信您的联 系方式给我,期待您的联系
蓝冰01 2013-10-28 10:22
lining7935504 2013-7-3 16:13
你好! 请问你的邮箱是什么?可以联系下你么?
seawang 2013-2-6 13:57
Daojx, 您好, "在某个晚上,我将sr提出的一个双结构模型拓展为多结构的模型,基于 多速率滤波器的经验,突然想明白电路结构原来是一个fir!",能具体讲讲什么意思?是改变loop,还是其他意思?
tongchang888666 2012-6-16 00:45
Respect of nokia's CEO, and I used to be a nokia phone loyal fans, in here before we have a nokia mobile phones are the envy of people. But now, in the way they did not see a few people use nokia cellular phone, instead, the Iphone and samsung mobile phones. I want to say is nokia why not make Android phone system to meet the needs of the marketing in, the open-source Android system is rich in software, hundreds of millions of users. I want to with nokia phone hardware in the mobile phone industry enough strength and years of accumulation of experience, not loss to the opponent. Nokia, the mobile phone should also be open source, in mobile phone system should have multiple system of mobile phones, with users for choice. The nokia mobile phones now is mainly system not to meet our clients' needs, not how much software available for users! If mobile no 300000 kind of software iphone offers users, the user will not choose iphone mobile phones. Nokia, the mobile phone mobile no iphone long service life, standby time is short, can not change the battery, and other mobile devices can't pass each other information, this is his defects. But software and open source software, can meet the needs of the people of different levels, this is enough! Hope nokia several kinds of Android phone equipment development. To meet the market and customers. May have some unexpected surprise! Nokia CEO can consider to a loyal users carry meaning!

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