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How to convert RAL transaction to AHB Master VIP transaction

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You can use the AHB Master VIP as a RAL BFM, and add a wrapper to convert RAL transactions into AHB READ/WRITE transactions before putting objects into AHB master VIP. And the ahbRALWrapper connects between the ahbRALRWXactor and AHB_Master_VIP .


Attach the ahbRALWrapper.sv for your reference. In brief, there are 3 steps for each WRITE/READ transaction:


  step1.  convert RAL transactions into AHB VIP transactions, for example:

     master_trans.m_bvAddress      = ral_trans.m_bvAddress;

  master_trans.m_enXactType     = dw_vip_ahb_transaction::WRITE;

  master_trans.m_enBurstType    = dw_vip_ahb_transaction::SINGLE;

  master_trans.m_enXferSize     = dw_vip_ahb_transaction::XFER_SIZE_32BIT;

  master_trans.m_nNumBytes      = 4;//32 bit data width, 4bytes

  master_trans.m_bvvData   = new[master_trans.m_nNumBytes];

  master_trans.m_bvvData[0]     = ral_trans.data[7:0];

  master_trans.m_bvvData[1]     = ral_trans.data[15:8];

  master_trans.m_bvvData[2]     = ral_trans.data[23:16];

  master_trans.m_bvvData[3]     = ral_trans.data[31:24];


step2. put the new transaction into VIP input channel




step3. WAIt AHB VIP transaction completes


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