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auto floorplan -congestion_driven

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set_app_options -name plan.macro.min_macro_keepout -value 0.57um
set_app_options -name plan.macro.spacing_rule_heights -value {5um 5um}
set_app_options -name plan.macro.spacing_rule_widths -value {8.42um 8.42um}
set_app_options -name plan.macro.macro_place_only -value true
set_app_options -name place.coarse.fix_hard_macros -value false
set_app_options -name plan.macro.estimate_pg -value true
#dont use initialize_floorplan, or port location will be reset and affect congestion_analyse accuracy
set_cell_location -coordinates {0 0} [get_cells -hierarchical *]
set stdcel [get_cells *]
set_fixed_objects $stdcel
set macros [get_cells [all_macro_cells] ]
set_fixed_objects -unfix $macros
set_attribute -objects [all_macro_cells ] -name physical_status -value unplaced
create_placement -floorplan -congestion_effort high -congestion
set_fixed_objects $macros
report_placement -hard_macro_overlap -thin_channel_area -hard_macro_pin_track_violations all
set_app_options -name place.coarse.fix_hard_macros -value true
set_fixed_objects -unfix $stdcel
#something wrong with cmd snap macro to track, needs further work
#source /xxxxxxxx/placeram.tcl

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